Sunday, September 15, 2013

Sashiko Fabric Box

Here's a little something I made as part of a gift, a fabric covered box with sashiko (Japanese embroidery) bellflower accent.

I didn't take step-by-step photos but maybe these few will inspire you to make your own!


The purple and flower are representative of September. An excellent month if I do say so myself.

I traced the box that was going to be wrapped onto the wrong side of the grey fabric, outside of box against wrong side of fabric. Before cutting it out I hand embroidered the bellflower and added a 1/2 seam allowance. Then flipped the box so the inside was against the wrong side of the lining purple fabric, again adding 1/2 seam allowance all around.

Using Modge Podge in sections on the outside of the box, I glued the outer fabric to the box. The longest part of my creation here is the snipping of all those corners and the then carefully gluing down the flaps. I made sure to dab all inner corners with fabric glue to keep them from fraying out. Especially on the lid!
On the lining, corners were snipped, flaps pressed down and glued in place.

There are two little flaps that go under the lid which you'll see later. I cut them off because it just made it easier to wrap the box. I covered them separately, leaving the bottom (where they were cut off from the box) seam allowance hanging down and glued together. I then added them back, sandwiching that bottom seam allowance of the flaps between the box layers.


I placed and, in the case of the front ribbon, hand stitched the ribbons and reattached the side flaps before gluing the lining in place.

Binder clips came in really handy through this whole project as you can see from the above pics. They hold those corners and seams good and tight while drying, which is a must with all those layers bulking things up.

Here is a finished front view with the lid up.


This is all inspired by, and for, my Japanese grandmother if you couldn't tell. I filled the box with 2 dozen homemade cookies she likes (plastic wrapped!), a maneki neko, a bookmark, and origami. ♥

Feel free to ask any questions about the making of the box!
xx ~Static


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