Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Mini Menagerie

I still have a couple more to complete but I thought I'd share some of my latest work, a custom mini menagerie!

Sleepy Olifont is always prepared for a good nap with his eye mask & blanket. (Sleepy Olifont is not a Mini but he may have a lil sibling soon)

Mini Kawaii Piggy can't wait to be snuggled.

Mini Dolphin wants to go for a frolic.

And Mini Hippo will have you know that his large cranium is due too his massively intelligent brain, thank you very much.

I forgot to mention that the Mini's are between 5" & 7.5" long. Hand-size and squishable.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

V-Day, Love it or Hate it

Whether you are buying a gift for yourself or you SO, there's a whole delectable page of goodies on sale in my shop for VDay/anti-VDay! Hairclips, pins, collectible art dolls, there's even a cloak at 30% off w- free shipping, zomg!

Here's a peek:



xx ~Static

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