Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Create 365 - Day... umm...

So yeah, I made it through half of my 365 but I'm going to have to let it go at that. Between new kitten wrangling, studying for a new career --hopefully along side my creative work, and sewing I just keep losing track. Being a grown up sucks sometimes.

Anywho, I will still be posting my stitchy & other creative goodness. Maybe I'll start a new 365 next year when things have settled *fingers crossed*.

Here is my latest custom, so you can see I'm still stitching:

Lil Bub Head Bookmark!

This sweet ooak face is completely hand embroidered. The perfect bookmark for the Lil Bub book, don't you think? This Bubmark now lives with a friend that is a huge fan. Hurray!

Alright, I need to get to a stopping point on 2 of the 5 ginormous dolls (2 feet tall!) I'm working on. Then study, study, and more studying.

xx ~Static

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Create 365 - Day 191 & 192

Okay, lots of stops and starts this past week. I have also just started studying for what hopefully will be a new (additional) career. Unfortunately, since I've been trying to figure out what works best in getting both studying and sewing done, I have only finished two days worth of 365-worthy stuff. The good news is that I think I've figured out how not to exhaust or stress myself out doing both.

Anywho, now for the good stuff. This cutie pie was a test doll to work out the kinks of what I have in mine for my gaggle of nieces this Christmas. I customized it to my taste since I'm keeping it. Here is my 13" tall Cutie Vamp Doll.

The ones for my nieces will not have fangs or bat dresses but you get the idea. The next ones will be twice as large, and will be fleece where this one is felt for the most part. They'll also be all machine stitched except for detailed bits. I'd never finish if I had to sew them all by hand!

This is counting as two days because the doll body was done one day and the dress was redrafted and sewn the next available stitchy day.

Well, time for me to get studying! Yay?

xx ~Static

Friday, August 9, 2013

Create 365 - 191 to 195

Day 191 & 192

A pair of Grumpy Neko Snap Clips!


Day 193 & 194


Shark Rocket Bookmark & Checkered Rocket Bookmark


Day 195

Witch Neko Ornament


I've got a full plate today so I'm happy that I got a minute to squeeze this in. These are all available in the shop right now (click the images) if you want them. I haven't decided if they're will be more of these designs or not. Definitely limited edition though!

Alright, gotta run. Phone call to make and then studying to do. But, first, COFFEE! Aah.

xx ~Static

Friday, August 2, 2013

Create 365 - Day 185 to 190

Where have I been? I don't know. Around, I guess. Busy, you know, doing... stuff. I suppose you want to see what "stuff". Okay, since you asked so nicely...

Day 185 to 188

In order of photos: Purple Iris Eyeball Bookmark, Turquoise Heart Bookmark (x2), and a Red Lightning Bolt Bookmark (Ziggy or HP? Hmm.)

Day 189 to 190

Grumpy Neko Snap Clips! So cute they hate it.
And, no, that is not my hair. Well, I own it but it's a snazzy synthetic track.  I wish I had the patience right now for that dye job. Did it myself once years ago, maybe some day again.

Back soon with more weirdness. xx ~Static

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