Sunday, September 30, 2012

Busy Batling

Apparently this busy Batling has been too busy to update her blog! Which is odd because I don't feel like I've been getting a whole lot done but then I look back and, huh, look at that, I did.

A dreaded birthday was last week. A handful of projects that were in the talking/thinking phase shifted into the "get sewing, biotch!" phase. I've kept up with the custom orders along with these other projects so it must be the birthday putting the fog in my brain.

Yeah... I'm determined to get past this draggin'-ass --Not to be confused with "dragon ass", I don't have a tail. Yet.-- feeling today!

Here's my current, slightly chaotic view:


In the back is a bag of batting, a canvas bag stuffed full of felt. Then a box of finished small projects, a spool of tulle (where's the purple one?!), tools of the trade, ribbon and beads. Trash bag in the middle for tidiness, as much as can be had anyway. In-progress headbands, fabric waiting to be transformed, fabric and more fabric. Never mind what I still need to retrieve from my workroom.

Well, I'm off and hopefully my next update won't be so far away!

xx ~Static

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