Saturday, January 21, 2012

Today ONLY Giveaway

Attack of the Craft is giving away handmade goodies every day in January.

TODAY ONLY, go win one of my Maneki Neko Mini Plush Ornament *AND* a Reversible Headband (similar to below)!! Go enter - it's easy to win!

ManekiNeko-OrangeSparkleBlk2 Headband-RosesForTheDead1-2

xx ~Static

Sunday, January 15, 2012

2012, who knew?

Well, here we are. *Looks around* Mm hmm.

I don't have anything spectacular planned just yet. No ground trembling New Year's resolutions. I guess I'm just fed up and tired of disappointments. These last couple years have sucked mainly due to the down-turned economy. Not to say I'm giving up. Oh no, no, my dearies, not at all. I just figure if I don't have massively high expectations then I won't be devastated when something doesn't go the way I planned. Right? Sounds reasonable, I think. I am trying to be realistic here. Maybe it's just tax time blues. I did make less this past year than the year before, and that wasn't much to begin with. 2011 generally kind of sucked all around. I'm not going to go into detail but some things were salvageable and many not so much. 2011, year of the MEH.

Although, with me being a tad maudlin and all, I must say that I do have the most fantastically supportive and wonderful husband. If not for him I'd probably still be unloading trucks and (unsuccessfully) dealing with large crowds in soul-sucking retail hell. He keeps me reasonably sane, somewhat-willingly warms my feet, replies with "the eyebrow" to any outburst I may or may not have, makes me tea, and supports any and all artistic or educational endeavors. No, you can't have him. I do not share well with others. Mine! It still amazes me he's put up with my special brand of nuttiness (I'm an artist, it can't be helped and it's not necessarily a bad thing) for 9 years. NINE! Wow. So there, there's something good. Here's to 2012 being better! Hopefully.

Well, off I go. I've got some headbands to list. They're remakes of past styles but, as always, super cute! New styles will come as soon as I can afford a fabric run.

xx & hope your New Year is off to an awesome start! ~Static

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