Tuesday, December 27, 2011

After-Christmas Batling Attack!

The Batlings revolted after I left them cooped up in my sewing room over the holiday. They're demanding new homes, now! Fine, just because I didn't check on them for one, well, I guess technically two days... sheesh.


Batlings, among other goodies, are currently marked down and in the sale SALE sale section. Get them before they fly off!

xx ~Static

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

About Face! for Cuteness

Okay so I can't give my nieces zombies for Christmas (yet). Well, one of them might be down with the zombies and other creepy cuteness but her mother would not. So, moving on! Here are a couple of the cuddly-sugarplum-cute *twitch* I attempted for this holiday.

What do you think? Personally, I think they border on maniacal but maybe that's just me. And, if so, I didn't mean for it, they just happened that way. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. Hopefully my sis/sis in law won't lock them away in a closet somewhere. Or, me.

xx ~Static

Monday, December 19, 2011

More Custom Pocket sized Zombie

If you missed the first two from my super fun custom order, you can find Capt Hammer & Dr Horrible in this post. Here are the rest as promised!

I'm pretty sure it all started with this guy and went horribly, horribly wrong from there. The Not-so-fresh traditional zombie. Check out those delish "leather" (aka embossed felt) pants! Just don't get too close, he looks kinda hungry.







Next up, we've got another crazed Santa on the loose...









...and his Elf-y minion! If you hear a jingle bell chiming... RUN.









Ahwoooo! Man, that is one pissed off Burlesque Girl and I'd steer clear if I were you. One minute she putting on the best burly show of her life and the next thing she knows her rabid fans, well, turned out to be truly rabid.

(See the back view here.)






And, here's the poor little nerd that just wanted to see what was under those black rosettes. His mom's going to kill him over the state of his clothes! At least he didn't break his glasses or loose his pocket protector [Yes, I really made a miniature pocket protector].







Happy Holidays! xx ~Static

Custom Pocket sized Zombies!

This was definitely the most fun custom zombie ornament request I've had to date. It all started with Party Girl Teri (in the black dress on the right). Apparently she whispered sweet nothings about me to her new owner. Who then decided she needed a small army of Zombies for her office Christmas tree. How damn cool is that? Very.

So, next thing I know I've got a message asking if I'd whip up 6 --no, 7!-- more. I loved the ideas so much I stopped working on my hubby's coat (sorry, love!) and dove right in.

Santa and Elf Zombies, Burlesque Dancer Zombie with a feather fan, Nerd Zombie with glasses and a pocket protector, the more traditional Green Zombie in "leather" pants, And, last but not least...

Doctor Horrible and Captain Hammer!

Apparently the other Zombies have a bone to pick with Horrible and Hammer. Who knew?

I'll add individual pics of the others shortly. Hope you like them!

xx ~Static


PS - Custom requests are closed for the holidays. I'd never be able to finish the work and get it to you on time. We can start plotting for next year in January though! xx

Friday, December 2, 2011

Red-headed, Green-eyed... Angel!

This little cutie is flying around my workroom playing tag with the Love Monkey and Batlings.

It would great if someone would a adopt this sweet girl. Then maybe the Batlings will stop trying to use chop sticks and my hair as a Maypoles, at her encouragement. Probably unlikely but one can hope.
She is a bit of an exhibitionist as you can see and her booty is completely bare. But then, what cherub doesn't run around in only a ribbon, right?
She enjoys hanging out in Christmas trees, flittering around windows and rearview mirrors.

♥ Approx. 4" tall (from top of head to feet, apx 4 5/8" including pigtails)
♥ Approx. 3" wide at wings

See the listing for more details.

If you'd prefer her as a pin/brooch that can be arranged. Or, if you'd like one in custom colors let's talk!

xx ~Static

Thursday, December 1, 2011

White Rabbit Art Doll

He's late for a very important date! With you. He really needs someone to serve him a spot of calming tea. The whole Wunderland thing still has him in a really tizzy.

♦ Height: Approximately 14.5" standing (not including those long ears!) & 10" sitting

His arms and legs are shunt-jointed with metal buttons & embroidery floss making him semi-poseable. His eyes are layered button. Mr. Rabbit's body is a printed white Cotton that makes me think of frost on a window, and has striped dark pink Jacquard inner ears. His vest is gold Brocade on one side and lined in grey Cotton blend. A matching snazzy bowtie is made of the same materials as his vest plus a little black grosgrain ribbon. Hand embroidered felt accents and detail work!

NOTE: This item is not meant for young children and prefers the touch of a "big kid" collector. This art doll can be played with, but gently.

I ship within the US and to Cnd, Aus, Jpn & the EU.

xx ~Static

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