Monday, December 19, 2011

More Custom Pocket sized Zombie

If you missed the first two from my super fun custom order, you can find Capt Hammer & Dr Horrible in this post. Here are the rest as promised!

I'm pretty sure it all started with this guy and went horribly, horribly wrong from there. The Not-so-fresh traditional zombie. Check out those delish "leather" (aka embossed felt) pants! Just don't get too close, he looks kinda hungry.







Next up, we've got another crazed Santa on the loose...









...and his Elf-y minion! If you hear a jingle bell chiming... RUN.









Ahwoooo! Man, that is one pissed off Burlesque Girl and I'd steer clear if I were you. One minute she putting on the best burly show of her life and the next thing she knows her rabid fans, well, turned out to be truly rabid.

(See the back view here.)






And, here's the poor little nerd that just wanted to see what was under those black rosettes. His mom's going to kill him over the state of his clothes! At least he didn't break his glasses or loose his pocket protector [Yes, I really made a miniature pocket protector].







Happy Holidays! xx ~Static


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