Monday, December 19, 2011

Custom Pocket sized Zombies!

This was definitely the most fun custom zombie ornament request I've had to date. It all started with Party Girl Teri (in the black dress on the right). Apparently she whispered sweet nothings about me to her new owner. Who then decided she needed a small army of Zombies for her office Christmas tree. How damn cool is that? Very.

So, next thing I know I've got a message asking if I'd whip up 6 --no, 7!-- more. I loved the ideas so much I stopped working on my hubby's coat (sorry, love!) and dove right in.

Santa and Elf Zombies, Burlesque Dancer Zombie with a feather fan, Nerd Zombie with glasses and a pocket protector, the more traditional Green Zombie in "leather" pants, And, last but not least...

Doctor Horrible and Captain Hammer!

Apparently the other Zombies have a bone to pick with Horrible and Hammer. Who knew?

I'll add individual pics of the others shortly. Hope you like them!

xx ~Static


PS - Custom requests are closed for the holidays. I'd never be able to finish the work and get it to you on time. We can start plotting for next year in January though! xx


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