Thursday, May 24, 2012

May Reversible Headbands


Top L: Day of the Dead, Top R: Tumbling Cats - Green
Center: Tumbling Cats - Purple (SOLD but can be requested)
Bottom L: Bats at Sunset, Bottom R: Classic Bat

As always, I am happy to stitch up a Custom Order if you see two fabrics that I have that you'd prefer together, just convo me via Etsy!

xx ~Static

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Chibi Jonny for Erin

The awesome artist/writer lurking behind the e-shop Somnambulant and the Oh Honestly, Erin blog asked if I could make her a Jonny Craig chibi doll.

Now, if you're a reader of Oh Honestly, Erin you know how much her babydaddy, Henry, loathes all mention of Jonny Craig. Who would pass up a chance to help further the annoyance of Henry and create a plush of the soulless ginger crooner? Not I, challenge accepted!

So it begins...

Oooh, he's nekkid! Good thing he's a smoothie. The doll, not the person. Well, I don't personally know about the person so let's just roll with the assumption that he does in fact have genitals. Moving on!

Finally got some pants on the guy!

The face has a dermal implant under one eye -- I literally made a dermal for the doll out of a flathead straight pin which announced it disapproval of being bent all to hell by stabbing me repeatedly until I wizened up enough to cut the pointy part off. Genius, I tell ya.
There's a teardrop and heart (embroidered) tattoo under the other eye. To give you an idea of scale, the teardrop is just under a 1/4" in height. Tiny!

And, finally, what you've been waiting for with bated breath...

The finished chibi Jonny Craig doll! (You thought I was going to make you wait, didn't you?) He's happy to finally have his clothes on and head attached. Now he's just chillin' waiting for his lady to take him home.

xx ~Static

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