Monday, September 26, 2011

Recent Custom Work


Let's see, I don't think I've shown off the custom headband I made for the lovely & talented Miss Connie Faye. It's purple, black & white skull print on one side & black brocade on the other. 





Hobbes-IP5I'm currently working on a Hob... erm, tiger buddy companion plush. This pic is before I started hand stitching, yes hand stitching, the stripes. I did my best to stay true to the pic but also not drive myself insane. Especially after the wrestling match I had with creating the pattern in the first place. Hopefully I'll be finishing this up either tonight or tomorrow!

No, I'm not selling these. It is a one-off for someone's Halloween costume.

No, I'm not releasing the pattern either, sorry.


pkiklis-Bloomers2And, I'm also working on a pair of pirate-y Bloomers! How awesome is this fabric and lace?






Next up: Matrix style coat for my hubby in black canvas & a dress for me in black cotton printed with red stars. Can't wait!

xx ~Static

Monday, September 19, 2011

International Talk Like a Pirate Day

I  be in a treasury, created by ElainaLouiseStudios, in honor o' Talk Like a Pirate Day! It be called Let's Play Pirate and be *very* cute for being pirate-y and all, see for yerself...

Click any image to find the treasure!

If ye have no idea what I be talkin' about, Talk Like a Pirate Day (today, Sept 19th!) has an official site and if ye be interested in how it all began check this page.

Arrrr & xx ~Static

Saturday, September 17, 2011


Need some supplies for you zombie or undead accessories? Looking to start a zombie army? Well, check out my supply shop for all sorts of freshly arrived body parts, erm, beads. There's also my Zombie Hand Puppet PDF to get you started on your army and patterns to help you whip up your Halloween costumes. Although, for some of us, it's year round clothing, I know ;D

If you don't see the amount of beads you need, just convo me. I have more in stock of the Acrylic Eyeballs (in red, blue, green & purple), Sm & Lg Skulls.

xx ~Static

Monday, September 12, 2011

Etsy Treasury: Dead Ringer.

I love that random people love my creations enough to include them in Etsy treasuries! It makes me feel all squishy inside. This one is just so damn spooky-cute I had to share. I may just share them from now on here on my blog because I've been included in some really beautiful treasuries and there's no point in hoarding all the lovelies for myself ;D


Ah, there's my Madame Butterfly in Blue Reversible Headband in the 2nd row, 1st column. Click the image to visit the treasury and maybe find some new favorites or get your shop on!

xx ~Static

Friday, September 9, 2011

Attack of the Batlings!

Okay, not so much an attack as maybe a cuddle, at the worst, a nibble.

Check out the new Batlings in my shop now!


Any Batling Ornament can be created as a Pin, any Pin can be created as an Ornament. Or, how about a Snap Clip?! Have a color combination of your own you'd like? Order here or if currently "sold" just convo me.

These make great Halloween and unusual, but fun, Christmas accessories and ornaments!

xx ~Static

Thursday, September 8, 2011

September Headbands

I've already sold of couple of the latest batch of reversible headbands (just finished listing them today!) but here's a preview of what's still available of the latest ones:


Top row: Aztec Dreams, Sugar Skulls, Secret Garden

L mid, L bottom & R bottom: Day of the Dead Bonfire Party, Secret Garden 2, Madame Butterfly in Blue

I do have many more styles to choose from. You can find all of my reversible headbands and other spooky-cute goodness here. Or, maybe you're looking for my Zombie Hand Puppet PDF? It's hiding out in my supply shop, here.

Thanks for looking and hope to see you in the shops!

xx ~Static

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I Can Haz Brainz?

My first PDF pattern ever, Zombie Hand Puppet, is now available. I'm so happy to finally have this done I could *squee*! Okay, maybe I did *squee* just a little because it took me almost 2 years before I completed it. Crazy I know but when you get distracted by other more demanding projects, life and shiny things, well, I'm sure you understand.


The Zombie Hand Puppet PDF pattern is available in my supply shop. If you don't see the listing just convo me and I'll get one up there for you asap.

Big huge thanks to SkeletalDropkick for her great help & insight! You need to check out her amazing wares. Really, you do.

xx ~Static

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Zombie Party Girls

Just a couple of girls out for a nice night on the town but then Erin had to go and convince Teri to take a walk through the graveyard.

"It's a shortcut, I swear!"

That happened to be next to  a toxic waste dump. First they lost their shoes in the muck. Then Erin stomps off in a tiff, pissed about her missing shoes.

There's a guy just standing at the edge of the graveyard staring at the toxic dump. Erin wobbled over --she'd already put back a few-- to tell him her woes and maybe sucker him into looking for her shoes. What does she get for it? He totally messed up her hair and got blood on her pretty dress! Jerk.

Teri, meanwhile, trips on a broken headstone and lands face first in some glowing green goo. As she's trying to get up, a bony hand erupts from the goo and starts scratching at her arms and face.

"Do you know how long it took to get my hair this cute, you asshat?!"

She wails on the arm  a few time with a rock but it was already too late. Her stomach was growling and wasn't for brussel sprouts.


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