Saturday, September 3, 2011

Zombie Party Girls

Just a couple of girls out for a nice night on the town but then Erin had to go and convince Teri to take a walk through the graveyard.

"It's a shortcut, I swear!"

That happened to be next to  a toxic waste dump. First they lost their shoes in the muck. Then Erin stomps off in a tiff, pissed about her missing shoes.

There's a guy just standing at the edge of the graveyard staring at the toxic dump. Erin wobbled over --she'd already put back a few-- to tell him her woes and maybe sucker him into looking for her shoes. What does she get for it? He totally messed up her hair and got blood on her pretty dress! Jerk.

Teri, meanwhile, trips on a broken headstone and lands face first in some glowing green goo. As she's trying to get up, a bony hand erupts from the goo and starts scratching at her arms and face.

"Do you know how long it took to get my hair this cute, you asshat?!"

She wails on the arm  a few time with a rock but it was already too late. Her stomach was growling and wasn't for brussel sprouts.



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