Thursday, October 20, 2011

EDT Halloween Stalker Swap Strikes Again!

Here are the goodies I sent to Nitebyrd, my stalkee this year.


Pumpkin jingle bell earrings, a witch eraser, Halloween foam stickers, 4 zombie rubber ducks &, la piece de resistance, a Bloody Zombie Head Pillow Slip Cover complete with pillow! Which, let me tell you, was not easy to find a box for. I had smush the pillow a bit to make it all fit. Hopefully things didn't get too wrinkly on it's way to the coast.

The Bloody Zombie Head Pillow Slip Cover is 16"x16", Grey Woven with an envelope back. The zombie silhouette is black synthetic felt with hand stitched blood accents in cranberry, edge stitched in green to the cotton print background, and framed in 3/8" black satin ribbon, mitered corners and all.

What Nitebyrd had to say about it:

"Static, I seriously LOVE it so much, I want to carry it around like a woobie. I really do!

xx ~Static

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Black Velvet Diva Capelet

This is probably the last one I'll do. Trying to get slippery, but lovely, lining onto velvet is a pain in the rear. Hell, anything to do with sewing velvet is a pain! But velvet's so pretty! I know. Sigh. Anywho...

Every diva needs a capelet to ward off the cool night airs! They're absolutely perfect for early Autumn, Spring or cool evenings out on the town. Wear it centered, jauntily toss it over one shoulder, or fold down the collar. You can even wear it stripe side out if the feeling strikes you!

See the listing here for details.

xx ~Static

Evil Bunnies made me do it!

Okay, my arm has been twisted and I was threaten with sharp, pointy carrots. I'm giving 25% off (excluding custom orders) in my main shop, Static White's Stitchery! Where you will find OOAK ornaments, art dolls, unique clothing, accessories, home decor, & more... All created with an artistic eye, stitches like sutures & a wee touch of madness.

Twenty-five percent off! Ebil Bun Bunee commands it.


Coupon code: EVILBUNNIES
Excludes custom request items BUT includes any items already marked down. Ooh. Aah.

Expires: Oct 31st 2011

So hop to it before you miss out! Get it? Hop... evil bunnies... yeah, I need to go to bed.

Night! xx ~Static

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Tiger Buddy Plush


Isn't he just the cutest little tiger? Twenty-two inches of squishy, fleecy fun. The 25 stripes and face were cut from soft synthetic felt and hand stitched into place. Crazy, I know, but it was to minimize the bulging of the fleece since it's stretchy and felt really is not.

It took me forever to finish him. I really do think he was unstitching himself so he could stay with me longer. But, he's finally done and on his way to his new home if he's not there already.

Look for him at the NYC Comic Con! Send me pics if you spot him, okay?

xx ~Static

Unfinished Wood Coffin Boxes

I have added some unfinished wood coffin shaped trinket boxes to my supply shop today! Only three listings worth, two listings of 5 boxes and one listing of 3 boxes, so get them while you can because it's unlikely I'll be getting my hands on more.

Note: They are similar to the image below. All of the boxes I have listed right now have silver tone latches and hinges, not brass. Also, one listing of 5 boxes does not have the rails on the lid as shown here. See the listings for descriptions.


Shipping costs are listed for US, Canada, US & Australia. If you are in an area not listed convo me for the shipping cost.

xx ~Static

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Etsy Treasuries

I've been featured in 5 treasuries over the last couple days! It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. Click the pics to see any of them up close and personal-like...

Eye see you!

I'm doing my Halloween in PURPLE


Sensory Shapes

The Dark Side

I Am The Bat.

xx ~Static

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Ahoy, matey!

Check out the custom Bloomers I recently finished! I personally love them. This one was a bit of a challenge because the Skulls & Roses cotton print fabric is not easy to come by particularly where I live. Luckily I was able to snag some at a decent price online. Then, I realized I was completely out the black cluney lace I was going to use to trim these. But, hidden away in my lace stash was just enough of the black & white cluney lace you see here. I've had it so long I don't think it's made anymore. At least, I've yet to find more!

Even with the hiccups, or more like thankfully due to the hiccups, I was able to create a great pair of one-of-a-kind bloomers for a wonderfully patient (and repeat) customer!


xx ~Static

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