Thursday, October 20, 2011

EDT Halloween Stalker Swap Strikes Again!

Here are the goodies I sent to Nitebyrd, my stalkee this year.


Pumpkin jingle bell earrings, a witch eraser, Halloween foam stickers, 4 zombie rubber ducks &, la piece de resistance, a Bloody Zombie Head Pillow Slip Cover complete with pillow! Which, let me tell you, was not easy to find a box for. I had smush the pillow a bit to make it all fit. Hopefully things didn't get too wrinkly on it's way to the coast.

The Bloody Zombie Head Pillow Slip Cover is 16"x16", Grey Woven with an envelope back. The zombie silhouette is black synthetic felt with hand stitched blood accents in cranberry, edge stitched in green to the cotton print background, and framed in 3/8" black satin ribbon, mitered corners and all.

What Nitebyrd had to say about it:

"Static, I seriously LOVE it so much, I want to carry it around like a woobie. I really do!

xx ~Static


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