Friday, May 28, 2010

Featured in the Undead Bazaar

I'm featured in Zombies & Toys' The Undead Bazaar! See my feature here or click the image below to see all the awesome features and contests so far.

SWStitchery is featured in the Undead Bazaar!!
There will be more to come so be sure to follow Zombies & Toys' blog and check back for more delicious ghoulishness!
xx ~Static

Friday, May 21, 2010

Flood my soul a coffee dreg - supersize

Sorry I've been gone so long! First there was the job hunting, then the flooding and now I'm still job hunting.

Okay so since a lot people have asked, I'm posting about the "May Day Flood" and the rains since. Firstly, we're okay! We were without electricity for two days but the water stayed on, thankfully, even though one of the water treatment plants flooded. Also we couldn't leave our place for an entire day because we were literally an island. Every exit out of our complex was flooded. Our surrounding area and other parts of Nashville were not so lucky.

Here's a picture of what happens when it pours down on us, the retaining wall in our parking lot turns into a waterfall...

Pretty isn't it? Oh and here's the swimmin' hole (aka the sewer-drain-that-couldn't)...

Notice how it goes out into the middle of the road on the right? Glad we're up high because this was just after about maybe 15 minutes of rain. There's a hill to the left under the "swimmin' hole" so the street could only fill so much before making a nice little river down the hill.

I didn't personally get video --I'm not that crazy to go out there!-- but there are plenty on youtube like the building that meandered down the I24. Which just so happens to have started it's floating journey from a church school just down the street from me!:  And,  I don't know what's with the creepy chime music but here's my neighborhood over the May 1st & 2nd weekend:
This is just over a little bridge from us:

We've still having heavy thunderstorms on and off but so far nothing like the beginning of the month. Whatever happened to "April showers bring May flowers"? Apparently it's now "April, nice and warm, brings May thunderstorms"!

So as I said, I am mundane job hunting but I'm still stitching. Granted I can't seem to finish anything lately, but I am working on whittling down the pile of 1/2 done stitchings. Really I am.

Well I'm off to get a drop of sun before it decides to hide behind storm clouds again. Yes, I can go in the sun! For a minute or two ;) Then back to scouring the job boards and maybe some more stitching.

xx ~Static

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