Monday, February 22, 2010

Zombies & Toys!

Look at all the goodies Zombies & Toys has so kindly sent to me...

My very own glow in the dark zombie army, stickers, magnets, buttons... what fun! They have so many other wonderful brain-chewed goodies that you should check out. Zombie & Toys' blog and shop links can be found here:

I'll be keeping some of this of course, how can I not? But rest assured my next few packages going out will most definitely have zombie surprises!

Thanks so much Zombies & Toys! ♥ ~Static

Saturday, February 20, 2010

After Vday Sale

[image] [image]

All items in my shop tagged "Valentine" are discounted by 25%!

♥No coupon code needed♥

"Valentine" tagged items are already discounted and in my SALE section. So click on over and get them while you can!
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[image] [image]

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Happy Year of the Tiger!

Happy Year of the Tiger and I hope you had a lovely Valentine's Day! With this being the beginning of a kitty year of course I had to make some kitty-esque items... kitty Batlings, that is.


I have also added a Maneki Tora (aka Lucky Tiger) to my Neko series.

This Maneki Tora is already spoken for but I'll gladly stitch up a custom one if requested. I plan to add some to my Etsy shop in the near future once I get through the pile of critters that are already clambering across my desk!

xx ~Static

My Creepy Valentine... MrsEvils style!

Just before Valentine's day I received a package from MrsEvils. She was my Creepy Valentine gifter! I let a girly *squee!* when I opened it to find these absolutely squeetastic gifts (click for a closer look)...

A handmade stripes & heart Vday card, a zombie squirrel cross stitch kit, a bloody knife hair flower, a devil ducky, 3 pairs of stripe socks & a "Stabby" cross stitch magnet!

Here's the inside of the card...

The dino of love's gonna getcha!

MrsEvils is beyond awesome and if you haven't checked out her shop yet, well, you should. You'll find zombie dolls, creepy cross stitch, killer jewelry and more!

♥Thanks so much, MrsEvils!♥

Friday, February 5, 2010

My Creepy Valentine

So another EtsyDarkTeam swap has come to pass, My Creepy Valentine. Mine didn't turn out exactly "creepy" but it included Betty Page! No macaroni either, sorry.

So in this swap we could choose to do just a card or a gift & card. I left the option open and got gift & card for CoffinCritters. I decided to make her a Cherub ornament that looked similar to her with Betty Page bangs & blue-grey eyes.

Ooh, Cherub booty again!

I then decide to do a simple collage inside box that had the front side unglued so it would drop down and double as a card. Of course I had to try doing this myself. So I found a template, made a couple mods & voila!:

Yeah that's my screwy handwriting in there :p

And, here is Impid (CoffinCritters has already named her!) standing next to her card/box:

I look forward to getting my Creepy Valentine and will post after I do!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I see London, I see France...

...I see this Cherub has no underpants!!

(Click the image to see the listings second thumbnail image which shows the back of this ornament *snicker*)

And here are a couple other unique handstitched items I whipped up for this Vday:

There's also Love Monkeys & Burning Heart Pillow covers in my shop!

Don't forget to order your gifts this week, no matter where you're shopping online, to get them in time for Vday, which is a Sunday this year.

xx ~Static

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