Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My Creepy Valentine... MrsEvils style!

Just before Valentine's day I received a package from MrsEvils. She was my Creepy Valentine gifter! I let a girly *squee!* when I opened it to find these absolutely squeetastic gifts (click for a closer look)...

A handmade stripes & heart Vday card, a zombie squirrel cross stitch kit, a bloody knife hair flower, a devil ducky, 3 pairs of stripe socks & a "Stabby" cross stitch magnet!

Here's the inside of the card...

The dino of love's gonna getcha!

MrsEvils is beyond awesome and if you haven't checked out her shop yet, well, you should. You'll find zombie dolls, creepy cross stitch, killer jewelry and more!

♥Thanks so much, MrsEvils!♥


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