Friday, February 5, 2010

My Creepy Valentine

So another EtsyDarkTeam swap has come to pass, My Creepy Valentine. Mine didn't turn out exactly "creepy" but it included Betty Page! No macaroni either, sorry.

So in this swap we could choose to do just a card or a gift & card. I left the option open and got gift & card for CoffinCritters. I decided to make her a Cherub ornament that looked similar to her with Betty Page bangs & blue-grey eyes.

Ooh, Cherub booty again!

I then decide to do a simple collage inside box that had the front side unglued so it would drop down and double as a card. Of course I had to try doing this myself. So I found a template, made a couple mods & voila!:

Yeah that's my screwy handwriting in there :p

And, here is Impid (CoffinCritters has already named her!) standing next to her card/box:

I look forward to getting my Creepy Valentine and will post after I do!


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