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Men's movie & anime costume patterns

Thinking about Halloween costumes yet? You should be! Here's a couple patterns I just listed to help you along.


L to R pattern description and costume suggestions:

Row 1: Morpheus & Neo in Matrix Reloaded.
Neo's coat in the first movie was more a western style duster with a regular collar & 'V' insets on the shoulders. Morpheus' coat, if you want to be as accurate as possible, should be done in a black alligator skin-looking vinyl. But, that can be mighty pricey so you may just opt for a nice black vinyl.
The pattern suggests velcro closures. Bleh. If you prefer buttons, like I do, here's excellent instruction on how to do so: . Or, sew in a nice long zipper to go for that Skinny Puppy - Pro-test look! Word. (If you know the band & video you know what I'm talking about ;D)

Sherlock Holmes, Van Helsing, Full Metal Alchemist, Uryū Ishida
My hubby thinks the coat on the left (blue) looks Van Helsing but it would need some tweaking with lots of buckles, straps, top stitching galore and the back reshaped and topstitched. If you want to get as close as possible to the movie costume, anyway!
I think it would be an excellent beginning to a coat for an Uryū Ishida costume, from the anime Bleach, personally. It would also be a good start for a Full Metal Alchemist (another anime) military outfit.
The coat on the right is obviously a Sherlock Holmes style. The pattern even includes the sleuth cap. But if you're good at playing with patterns it could be turned into an Alucard, of the Hellsing anime, coat by shortening and attaching the front edges of the cape to sleeves inner seam rather than have it come all the way to the center front.

Row 2: Victorian travel/driving coats, Interview with a Vampire, Steampunk, Doctor Who
This pattern is a basic men's Victorian driving coat and it includes a pattern for your lady! We know how cold it get's in October here in NA so this would be perfect to throw over your Lestat, Louis or any other Vampire Chronicles character. Louis & Lestat wear something similar in the first movie, if you want to get picky.
And, of course, there's the every popular steampunk stylings. Are you a time traveling mad doctor? A Jules Verne type of adventurer? Well then, you need a coat, don't you?
Shorten the coat to the knee, make it out of brown wool with no top stitching and guess what you have? The coat for Tom Baker's Doctor Who, that's what!

Civil War, Victorian/Steampunk, Firefly
Here we have Civil War North & South uniforms. Confederate is on the left and Union is on the right. I can not say if these are historically accurate for reenactment but I'm betting they'd be a good place to start if you're wanting to make your own.
This pattern is Victorian era regardless and can be used to get you going on some nice steampunk outfits too.
Also, if you lengthen the one on the right to about the knee, stitch it up in brown suede, add wide leather cuffs (or faux if you prefer), don't forget the splits at the side seams aka gun flaps, and guess what you made? A Firefly Browncoat! The previous Victorian driving coat is also a good basis for a Firefly Browncoat.

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