Monday, August 1, 2011

MrsEvils' Giraffa Vampyrocamelopardis

Letter to MrsEvils:

I found this little guy wandering through my backyard. And, I believe this might be a new and previously unknown species: Giraffa Vampyrocamelopardalis! Why do I believe this is so, you ask? Well, the tiny, sucked-dry carcasses strewn about my yard, for one, and those deep red eyes I think are pretty good clues. Granted, I suppose a freak swarm of vampire bats could have done it. But, the little giraffe did come scratching at my door just before sunrise. Or, was it just sizing up the cats for breakfast? It also tends to suddenly be rather close by if you nick yourself with anything. Who knew something so small could move so quickly!

  I'm not quite sure how Giraffa Vampyrocamelopardalis survive, being bright yellow and all, but maybe they just charm their victims with their cuteness. Or, maybe, after a nip to an ankle all one would ever see would be a slight yellow blur out of the corner of their eye before it even has a chance to register with the brain.

  It's getting a bit frail being locked in my sewing room and it refuses food except for bloody bits of hamburger. Watch your fingers around this little bugger, is all I'm saying. Anyway I thought who better to take care of a mini, and possibly vampiric, giraffe but you? I know how much you love mini giraffe.

  Well, it's standing on the table glaring at me. I think it knows it's going into the box. I better get it in there before it starts stalking the cats. Again. I hope you don't find my severed fingers in along with it!


MrsEvils has wanted a miniature giraffe for a long time. But I doubt she was expecting a vampiric one! Eeeheehee...

This ebil little giraffe was completely cut and stitched by hand, stands apx 10" high and has wires in the legs to help it stand.

xx ~Static


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