Saturday, August 2, 2008

Land & Sea ~or~ It's Been Too Long!

My latest batch of custom work comes from one of my faaaavorite customers. Not just because he (yes HE) pays on time and never haggles me but he comes up with some challenging stuff!
You may remember the Lemur Doll:

Well, he requested an XL version of it! The size of my XL Zombie Monkeys!

Uber Lemur complete!! *whew*
[image] [image]
11.5"H with a 22"+ tail!! It's wired and pose-able oooooh :D (which I had to sew into the body by hand!)

He also requested these:

Lg Dolphin = 15"L x 10"W x 5" & 15" around

And the XL Kawaii Piggy in pink ( ::)) = 10"L x 5.75"T x 6"W & 18" around
It is ridiculously cute though, I admit.


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