Sunday, October 12, 2008

Etsy Dark Side Finds: The Forest at Night/Wicked Nights

Welcome to the Etsy Dark Side. We are the roaming fox fires in the darkness, the sparkling mist in the ever shifting shadows, faerie rings flow in our wake. Come join us!

Today's Finder

 Static White

Last night I stumbled upon a secret forest garden of spider roses.

OOAK Burgundy Ribbon Rose with Spider by HandmadeHorrors $3.00

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The garden wasn't far from the bayou...

Blood Bayou by HellsBelles $15.00


Come join the Dark Side


...where there was a party I was tempted to crash.

Batcat Teaparty by BlackLilyPie $12.00



Instead I went on my way, through the graveyard...

Dia de los Muertos - skull print graveyard by NatashaBlue $20.00



..., but ran into a bit of trouble.

Miniature Maladies Zombie Girl Blondie by TheTinyTragedies $25.00



Thankfully a fiend showed up to help me out.

Rommie - Large Not-Sock Zombie Monkey Doll by SWStitchery $50.00



I was catching a chill on my night walk, good thing I packed something warm.


Owl hoodie with black dual skirt by Rocka-ma-baby $30.00



Upon reaching my destination, a beautiful woman appeared out of the mists.

The Hart Gate by Hibernacula $15.00


She gave me a lovely ring that make my finger tips tingle. I feel so... strange...

Creepy Crow Raven Gothic Tulle Ring by AgonysDecay $8.00

  Hope you enjoy the mini story that I whipped up from this months Exhibition entries so far! I plan on two EDS Finds for October so come on and submit! Yeeees, submit *muhuhahaha*

  Reviews are running low and that makes Static a sad kitten. Made any EtsyDarkTeam purchases lately? Let me know!

  Buyers are welcome to join in the fun, just send me your thoughts on your EtsyDarkTeam purchases with a link to the item(s) and I'll post the review!

Team members:

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xx ~Static


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