Saturday, August 1, 2009

Gothy Beans Stitches

As an artist/designer/seamstrix/whatever it's a great feeling when you realize people that run some of your favorite websites are buying from you!

I had a custom request for a Scrap Bat™ back in November from a username that seemed familiar but I didn't dwell on it right then because I was busy with the pre-holiday.

Once I finish the custom Scrap Bat I went to send her a message, of course, and her icon of Mr. D finally fully lit the flickering bulb over my head... GOTHYBEANS?! That GothyBeans? Oh... OH! *giggled like a little girl*

I have now, yet again, had the honor of creating for her one of her very own characters. Meet Funny Bunny!


If you have never read the Gothy Beans comic strip you really are missing out. It's gothic, sarcastic, and just a wee bit silly. I love it!


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