Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Myspace & EtsyMinis Headache

Myspace has stirred up their html again. What worked at the end of July no longer works (surprise, surprise) so I have made some changes/additions to my original "EtsyMini 101 - Myspace" post. Here is the link for your convenience:


I, on the other hand, had to learn it the hard way! I went to use the codes I've been using for months and everything borked on me. *Sigh* But it's pretty now. It. Is. Pretty.

So, if you appreciate my hard work please follow my blog, leave a comment now and again, heart my shops... Just a little love is all I ask. If you really, really like me you'll head over to one of my shops and buy something StaticWhite (supplies) or SWStitchery (creations). Yes. Yes, I like that idea very much :D

If you are an EtsyDarkTeam member, I have left additional sizes on the super sekrit forum. You know where ;)


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