Saturday, December 5, 2009

Static's Adventures in Baking

Ok I can create damn near anything I put my mind to in the sewing room but when it comes to the kitchen, well... let's just say me and stove top cooking are definitely not friends. But, I have come to find that baking can actually be enjoyable! Aside from the eating part of course. I've had my share of "ugly cakes" and shortcakes that didn't come out quit how I wanted but they were all still tasty!


L: Not-so-ugly red velvet cake with chocolate frosting, R: Ugly little banana honey shortcakes (strawberries at the store were pitiful), Both: Deee-licious

Over the holiday weekend I got my mother-in-law's recipe for Banana Walnut Bread out of my sister-in-law who inherited our mother-in-law's recipe box (I will get all of those baking recipes at the least some day, I will!) and yesterday I made two small loaves (8"x3" tins).

I was only able to get a picture of one of them because my husband and I devoured the first one. It wasn't as sweet as perfectly overripe bananas can make it (because we wanted Nanner Bread now) so I rubbed a bit of honey on top. Scott was heeheehee-ing over at his computer and ate every last bit I put in front of him so I knew I did okay. Not exactly like his mom's, he said, but close. For my first attempt at it I'd say that's a pretty high compliment! I didn't even burn it, yay.

The next batch will have choco-chips. Yeeesssss.


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