Friday, March 25, 2011

MrsEvils' Me Equivoque Contigo Dress - Pt 4

Hurray! The dress is done! Well it was done a while ago but my digicam batteries refuse to hold a charge for long so every time I was ready to take pics of course the batteries were dead. Plus, we're in the midst of closing on our first house evah! Squee! Needless to say, I've been just a wee bit distracted :D

Okay, okay, the dress. Right. Here are the last few "in progress" pics. Since I'm loading up on the pics in this post I'll keep them small yet clickable. So click away for a closer look!


L to R: 1) Hem, hem & more hem. 2) The delish Satin lining is hand stitched at the 14" back zipper. Interior satin loops make the straps removable. 3) Close up of adjustable/removable strap.

And, what we've all been waiting for... the finished dress!!

MrsEvils even now has a matching headband that can reverse to solid black. Ooh, ahh, ooh. You know you want one too. Don't lie ;D

I'll be dealing with the real world for the next couple weeks but hopefully I'll be able to post more often after all is done. Now it's back to packing for me!

xx ~Static


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