Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Crazy Hair Days

April showers bring May flowers? Well, it's June and it's still raining which is giving me some serious "medusa" hair days --imagine booty length curly hair frizzed out and grabbing at everything. Rawr! So, because I'm tired of braiding and to keep my wild tresses from wrapping around piercings or trying to strangle me... I'm on a headband kick!

I have made a bunch of super awesome-riffic headbands for your lovely heads (and mine. Down, hair, down! *Whew*)

A handful --hairful?-- have already sold. Such as, Cherry Bombs & Bottle Rockets took off minutes after listing! Lucky for you, I have a duplicate or 2. Although, many of the fabrics are hard to find or discontinued so there will only be a very short run of these!

My headbands are made of cotton unless otherwise noted (some blends and even a silk blend). All are machine washable. And --the best part!-- they're reversible! 2 styles in 1, hot damn. Here's a sampling of them.


Click on the pic to head straight to my shop and grab your own!

xx ~Static


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