Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Why am I up so early?

The answer is the cats are out to get me. No, really, they are! *Looks around nervously* Whew, they're sleeping. For now.

Since I'm awake I thought I'd show you a couple things from my perspective. First thing in the morning...

That cup is full of delicious manna (coffee). Notice how nothing can be focused on until that nectar of the gods has been consumed? Powerful stuff. The tilt of the photo is due to my face being strongly attracted to the table top. The attractions wears off after awhile so no cause for alarm.

After a few sips of manna I was able to take a few more snaps. Here's the amazingly bright turquoise fabric I mentioned on FB along with some combos I'm probably going to go with for headbands (top matching to bottom).

You like?


And, last but not least, a pulled back view of what my kitchen table looks like when no one can hear me scream...

See that? Poor Hobbes won't even look.

Well, I'm off for more manna and then hopefully I'll work on my Tiger Buddy there for a bit -- I can only work on him a little at time for fear of hand cramps-- and then stitch up those headbands as a breather from His Stripeyness.

xx ~Static


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