Wednesday, August 22, 2012

1242 Faves!

I just realized that I have 1242 shop faves, between my two shops, as of this morning. Aww, I ♥ you too!

A top item fave (through the Facebook grapevine) seems to be that latest addition to the main shop: Mini Yetis.

Mini Urban Yeti (front left) playing hide and seek with her cousin Mini Tundra Yeti (back right).

The Mini Urban Yeti has already been adopted. But, if you'd like a Mini Urban Yeti for yourself you can either wait for the next to be listed ~or~ contact me for a custom. Custom color requests are welcome.


Other recently listed items:

Top R to L: Black Cat in the Garden - Reversible Headband and Festive Mini Cthulhu
Bottom R to L: By-the-Yard White Scallop Lace and Bats and Stripes - Reversible Headband

xx ~Static


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