Thursday, April 25, 2013

Create 365 - Day 107

So the hubby has this work thing where they're all bringing food. He asked me if Tortilla Roll Ups sounded good. Cream cheese? Sour cream? Uh yeah. This is for me, right? Sadly, no, even though I am very tempted by that big tupperware full of dairy goodness. I will resist!

Now he did subbed the sour cream, green onions, and salsa for a sour cream salsa dip since he couldn't find the green onions at the store (WTH?). It is a good sub, I was impressed.

He diced his pepper, plopped everything into a bowl and starts stirring like a madman. Seriously, he attacked that poor bowl. I was now afraid. Afraid my relatively clean kitchen was about to become a disaster zone. Good thing it was a metal bowl or I'd have had chunky, flavored dairy splattered across my kitchen interspersed with shards of pain and sadness. So I took over the mixing (sucker!).

I watched as he attempted the first roll. "Uh, I don't think they're supposed to be that big. Does it say how much to put in there?", I ask. He read the instructions out loud to me. No such luck. At this point I gave it a try and determine a healthy tablespoon is enough. He stood by watching, munching on his giant Tortilla Roll-up while I make 14 more. For him. To take to work. Dammit!

For the record, he did give me a couple of wee bites. Anyway, the rolls are supposed to be cut into 1/2" thick discs. But what guy bring dainty finger food to a job thing? Okay, well some guys might. Besides, you wind up wasting (or eating) the ends if you do the fancy cutting because they don't make pretty little disks of delicious. They'd be ugly little spouts. Delicious ugly little spouts but still ugly. At least this way they look like he made them to boot. Unless of course someone notices how fairly neat they are. Heehee.

xx ~Static


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