Sunday, November 9, 2008

How-To: Quick & Easy Bookmarks

Here's a quick and easy item to make as a stocking stuffer or just for yourself if you're an avid reader. You could also use it on gifts or to tie party favors (look for another how-to on that one!).

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Ingredients for 1 bookmark:

♦ 24" of 1/4"W ribbon

♦ 1 silver-toned jump ring

♦ 1 charm

♦ Lighter


Cut a length of ribbon 24" long. Melt the ends of the ribbon a bit with a lighter. It'll make it easier to thread the charm onto the ribbon and keep the ends from fraying.

Open the jump ring, thread on the charm, close the jump ring. Fold the length of ribbon in 1/2, put the loop end through the jump ring, then draw the two tail ends of the ribbon through the loop and pull snug.





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