Sunday, July 19, 2009

Black and Red Stripe Fleece Scarf

Just over 3" wide alternating and serged snuggly fleece strips, 9 Red and 10 Black.
Super soft and warm!

See the listing for other pics & info.


Pili said...

Looks so warm and snuggly! Though it's a bit too hot over here to think about scarves!

Static White said...

Soon enough... soon enough ;)

Mrs. Evils said...

What a hot photo, you scarf vixen, you!

Yve said...

Ha ha, a fleece scarf in July - so you've experienced summer in Wales!!??!A girl can never have too many scarves :o)

Static White said...

Mrs. Evils - Meow-row! :D

Yve - I *wish* I've experienced Summer in Wales. It's cold? Sounds perfect to me!

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