Monday, July 13, 2009

Gears Tie - OOAK applique vintage zipper neck tie recycle

Ties are such a pain to tie, so why bother? Here's a steampunked zipper tie to ease your woes.

I have cut and layered each gear in detail by hand --6 pcs per gear!-- out of Gold & Black Brocade and patiently top stitched every piece. No embroidery machine was used in the creation of this tie!

♦ The tie is a vintage 80s tie.
♦ Permanent knot.
♦ Built in zipper for easy on/off.
♦ Satin, grey-green in color, with a small subtle box design (Shocking, I know. It is from the 80s after all.)

See listing for more info. No US shipping charge!


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