Wednesday, March 10, 2010

EtsyDarkTeam's Year Long Birthday Swap, Pt 1: SkeletalDropkick

I'm a part of a another cool swap with EtsyDarkTeam, the Year Long Birthday Swap. I've created for two of my awesome team mates so far.

First up is SkeletalDropkick who is a fan of anime and pandas, among other things. So I dug into my felty goodness and stitched her up an anime panda! Which has been named... Panda Hotep. Yes, an excellent name.

The sign can be taken out of his hand and other things put in. Like a flower or maybe a small cocktail sword. What were you thinking? ;) At just over 4" tall he can be carried around in a pocket or hung on a ornament hook from the loop on the back of his head. Hotep has decided to watch over Dropkick's car.

I used textured burgundy card stock for the card, origami paper for the bat popup, glued tiny gold stars for the eyes and of course I had to use my bat-fetti. I found the bat popup template here if anyone else wants to try it out. There are a bunch of other really cool free popup templates there too. Note: I cut out and glued an extra piece onto the bat popup to cover the face so the only white is the teeth.


There are detail photos in my Flickr if anyone wants a closer look at the popup bat or Panda Hotep.


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