Monday, March 22, 2010

Signed TRS CDs & swag?! (US only, see details for outside US info)




Would you like the full length 12 track album "Where Did All The Virgins Go?" signed by the Tweedle brothers? Well too bad. But you can have them signed by Scott and Mike of The Redding Shift!

How, you say? Click the "Purchase" button which will take you to Paypal. Don't worry, you can use a credit card even if you don't have a Paypal account. Pay and we'll get your signed CD (the front insert will be signed not the actual disc itself) out asap. Don't pay and we'll swallow your soul. Just kidding! Maybe.

It's $16.00 which includes US shipping.

Outside of the US, please email Maya at swstitchery[at]yahoo[dot]com so she can invoice you with the correct shipping cost.

Nearly the same price as CDBaby (including shipping) but better! Why is it better? Because this way our awesome Admin/Art chick Maya (of Static White's Stitchery) can make sure you get some swag. Postcards, magnets, pins, maybe even a pain in the ass cat if he keeps bugging her... who knows what freebies you might find in there besides your awesome, signed The Redding Shift CD.

This is a limited edition offer. What are you waiting for?!

~The Redding Shift


PS - To pay with a credit card on Paypal: 1) Click the purchase button above 2) Look for the credit card logos on the lower left of the Paypal screen and click the "Continue" link just above them 3) Follow Paypal's instructions.


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