Friday, December 17, 2010

2010 Holiday Cards

I recycled some old unused but out-of-date postcards (hubby's old band lineup) into Holiday Cards! They're fairly quick if you need some last minute cards/stocking stuffers and have some old postcards/cards laying around.

I searched for "christmas ornaments vector", found some I liked and arranged 4 of them in Photoshop. I then printed the 4 ornaments on colored construction paper, cut them about a 1/4" smaller than the post card (giving an 1/8" border) and used Modge Podge & a small foam brush to glue them in place over the front of the post cards. Stick them under a heavy book while they dry so they wouldn't curl up. If you don't weigh them down they will curl, as I learned the hard way with my first batch :p

The Holly is a removable pin! Which I found the directions for on directions & template

I used a single jingle bell (special ones have a Holly Spider too!) and tried different types of ribbon. Keep in mind double sided ribbon is easier to make the bows from than single sided. For the bows I used a 1.5" template I made out of  cardboard scrap. Directions to make your own templates and a chart for multiple sizes here.

Once your cards are dry and your pins are done, on the cards about a 1/2" above the top of the printed ornament mark 2 dots horizontally an inch apart. If you don't have a hole punch that can reach, like moi, make a small 'x' with an Xacto blade and then gently poke a knitting needle (I used a size 9, 5.25mm), or something similar, through the 'x' to make the holes for the pin to go through.

Write your message on the back and you're done!

xx ~Static


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