Friday, December 3, 2010

Cloud 9 Is Made of Stripey Socks

Two more packages arrived the other day. These...

... because my friend and old roomy doesn't want me darning my holey old socks. But, but they're stripey and still have a *little* life left in them :'( Love you, Donna, thanks! All the sock pics are from because my digicam batteries are still charging. They like to torture me. SockDreams has the best stock of stripey footy-leggy goodness. Evah.

And, the other package had a Voodoo Dude magnet (damn that's a strong little magnet!), a swirly black & red bat plaque, a black bat pin & and black cat tie tack pin. All thanks to a swap with the adorable Jinn aka DreadfulDesigns!

Again, this is Jinn's pic because my digicam is on strike. You'll just have to imagine the cuteness of the other items. Believe me, they are.

Aaaaaaand, there's still one more package that arrived yesterday! It is definitely awesome but I'll save it for another post. I'm sleepy and it going to be a part of a whole other kind of awesomeness. My digicam better be behaving by then!


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