Monday, April 9, 2012

Chester, an Easter Bunny

Wow, just... wow. I received Chester from DARK Alley on Friday and he is amazing! I still can't believe I won this fantastic art doll in her recent Easter giveaway and he's right here in my hands. This is one clown I can handle (it's those creepy B&B type ones I don't like and, yes, those are creepy).

Image ©Veronika Lozovaya

Chester looks rather mischievous and I'm quite sure he'll sneak up on a visitor or two with a tap on the shoulder and a quiet "Boo". He's currently high up on our entertainment center where everyone can see him, but our kitties can't get to him, whispering with my Zombigurumi. I'm sure he'll be taunting the kitties in no time.

Thanks again to Veronika Lozovaya, creator of DARK Alley art dolls, for this amazing gift!

xx ~Static

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