Friday, April 6, 2012

Static the Zombigurumi

I did a trade a while ago with the lovely Dr. Igora Fauxbia, of the Zombigurumi Love Lab. Now I know what I will look like if I ever become zombified! Sorry I don't have a full body picture but my workroom has been a disaster until recently and I just couldn't wait any longer to post about my Zombigurumi.

Image ©Zombigurumi

Some of the details might not be obvious at first glance, but believe me, they are just perfect. Dr. Fauxbia got my curly black hair obviously but my nose ring, double labret (in silver thread, no less) and black plugs are there too. Love it! The dangling eyeball and scratches are such a great touch.

Thanks again for the trade, Dr. Fauxbia!

xx ~Static

You can find Dr. Igora Fauxbia's Zombigurumi Love Lab on:


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