Sunday, July 7, 2013

Create 365 - 164 to 166

Day 164

A pair of Small Cotton Eyelet Lace Bows. Apx 3" wide with 2" french barrettes at the back. The barrettes are mirrored so one can be worn on each side of the head. Machine and hand sewn.


Day 165

A Large Cotton Eyelet Lace Bow! Apx 6.5" wide with a 2" french barrette.


Day 166

A sweet, smiling Sparkling Orange Halloween Neko!


I did skip a day of creating (not of the 365) but it was the fourth and we had company. I really could include that day here since I cooked like a mad woman (jambalaya, corn bread & a few dozen peanut butter chocochip cookies). But, I didn't take any pics and as they say on the interwebs: pics or it didn't happen. Right? ;) S'all good.

xx ~Static


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