Monday, July 1, 2013

Create 365 - 148 to 161

Okay, so, due to things that could not be controlled (migraines, my scattered creativity, an over-thinking brain and a bit of squashed hope) I am obviously way behind posting. I have been creating though! Here's what I've worked on during my blogging absence:

Day 148
Swirly wall switch.

Looks much better than they ugly, cracked thing that it originally was.

Day 149
Here is a Daisy Circle Skirt.

Oh wait, there is no pic yet because I wore it already and now it's in the wash. As soon as it is laundered and ironed I'll add it in. You'll just have to take my word on it.

I made another skirt for myself, hurray! I keep seeing cute skirts and dresses but so many are too short for my taste. I prefer knee-length or longer, thanks. I just don't want to be getting "friendly" with all the town every time I bend over, ya know?

Day 150 to 156
Seven new limited edition reversible headbands.


Top: Kittens and Cobwebs, Peaches and Screams, Pushing Up Daisies
Mid-Left: Peach Dreams
Bottom: Daisy Chain, Sweet Zombie, Candy Kittens

Click the pic to go see all 32 of the LE headbands I currently have available.

Day 157 to 161
Dahlia Barrettes, one of which which will be given away soon in celebration of breaking 900 on my shop's Facebook page!


It looks like I lost a little over a week's worth of creating but it couldn't be helped so I'll just soldier on. Hopefully I can keep up with my 365 a little better now and not take 2 years to finish it! We shall see, we shall see.

xx ~Static


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