Thursday, October 15, 2009

Lolita Style Outfit - In progress 1

Here are a couple in progress pics of a Lolita style outfit I've been commissioned to create. Dunno if I'll be doing this again but it's greasing creative wheels I haven't used in a long time!

This is a pic of the 1st draft which I actually wound up scrapping half of because of my anal retentiveness attention to detail (yeah, that's it). 
Loli Outfit - 1st Draft

Muslin mock up - Front double breasted snazziness & Back lacing.
Loli Outfit - In Progress  Loli Outfit - In Progress 
There's a tail/skirting that I added after the above pics and there will be a skirt to match. It looks worlds different now but I've got to wait for my batteries to charge for my digicam before I can take more pics.
The finished piece will be in white cotton that has a fine allover white pattern. It reminds me of the squiggles in frost on a window. It'll have lovely art deco buttons and embroidered eyelet, scallop lace trim.

Fitting scheduled for this weekend and then  I get to dive into the good fabric!


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