Tuesday, September 21, 2010

EDT Year Long Bday Swap Gifts Pt 2

Yesterday I just had a feeling I had better check my mail and I'm happy I did! There was a brown paper wrapped box waiting for me from ForeverFall. It was sealed with some seriously industrial tape but with a little "help" from my kitties I got it open. Yes, I'm one of those people that undoes the tape on wrapping paper. Hey, it's all about recycling. Anyway, while the kitties decided who would get nesting rights in the paper I sawed away at more tape on the box. Which, I might add, was conveniently labeled as to which side to open. Of course it was in my lap upside down.

Within the mounds of black tissue paper I found this...

BdaySwap-fromForeverFall1 BdaySwap-fromForeverFall2

Isn't she lovely? She even has crazy hair like mine! Her name is Sideshow Siouxsie and her little buddies in her hair are Trilla & Trixie, on the left, and Mr. Obselete: the Man With No Arms, on the right.

Thank you, ForeverFall! You really have a talent and should have a whole slue of awesome sideshow dollies & hair sculptures in your shop! ~Static


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