Monday, September 27, 2010

EDT Year Long Bday Swap Gifts Pt 3

My third Bday Swap Gift arrived in a ginormous box and I couldn't even imagine what it could be. I peeked at the return address to see that it was from the lovely CauldronCraftMinis, the fine purveyor of miniatures, herbs & oddities. Ooh. So I grabbed up my nearest scissors and quickly cut through the tape to find...


A herb smothered candle taper, an elegantly witchy little broom, pony fall, herbs, herbs and more herbs, bats to hang from my ceiling, a lovely steampunk necklace, a coffin box complete with vampire bat and stuffed with the aptly named Graveyard Dirt oatmeal facial scrub. Wowza! Oh and the toe tag card is just hilarious. Apparently I died in a sewing machine accident! Maybe I should look into that little electrical issue my one machine has after all?

Thank you, CauldronCraftMinis! Hopefully I'll be able to luxuriate and feel like a fairy princess soon. ♥ ~Static


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