Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Friends don't let friends be mooches

Just a friendly holiday reminder.

Friend ≠ free stuff

Just saying. That symbol (≠) means does NOT equal just so we're all on the same page here. Granted sometimes it does if that creative friend is feeling generous, can afford it and so on. But, to just expect, or worse demand, freebies from your creative friends is just plain tacky. Musicians, artists, seamstrix, etc work hard at what they create and deserve to get paid for it too. Support them, love them, tell your other friends how awesome they are. They are your friend after all, right?

I haven't had it happen to me recently because, well, I'm a hermit and I also know how to tell people "No". Although I am seeing quite a bit of it going around (thank you FB).'Tis the season to be greedy? I've seen demands for free CDs from musicians. I've seen whining for free plushies, jewelry and accessories from those who make them. Yeah, yeah, all in "jest" I'm sure. How about instead of being "funny" you buy that item? If you really want it and don't have the funds at least offer to trade something in return for it. That'll get taken a lot better than just demanding a freebie because you're supposedly friends. Or worse, vague acquaintances. We all like free stuff, and maybe your creative friends will offer up freebies when they can afford to give things away, but your friends have to eat and pay bills too.

Creative types, if you see your friends pulling this sort of thing smack 'em. Or give 'em a good falcon punch/ monkey-steals-the-peach. Which ever is most appropriate or needed.

Friends don't let friends be mooches.


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