Sunday, November 28, 2010

You Asked, He Answered

After bugging Scott at the very least 4 times today about answering the questions inquiring and twisted minds wanted to know (from my Badger Scot post and FB replies), here they are! And, thanks again to Erin of OhHonestlyErin! This was fun! And, here's to hoping he doesn't return the favor :p

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Darien - Dear Scott, name the three worst things you could imagine having shoved in your pants?

Scott - 1) an actively running chainsaw, 2) a riled up hive an angry hornets, and 3) only *one* hand from someone else. Anything less than two is just a tease.


Sheila - Ok, I gotta know the answer to the zorro cape thing.

(It's like Jeopardy, in the form of a question please LOL So you mean, "Does Scott really run naked with a Zorro cape when he thinks no one is looking?")

Scott- Absolutely I do. Though even though I think no one is looking, I'm secretly hoping that they are.


Blacknick - Okay I'm going to badger Scott with two questions:

1) What music/muscians influenced Scott early in his career?

Scott - Very early on, my folks' collection of LP's from the 60's and 70's (Beatles, Steppenwolf, Creedence, Dr. Hook), lots of "oldies" radio when I was kid with Wilson Pickett, Otis Redding, things passed to me from my big brother (Pink Floyd, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Guns N Roses) and bits I went out and found on my own (Stone Temple Pilots, The Clash, Pearl Jam, Alice In Chains). And as far as playing bass goes, mountains of Robert DeLeo, Jeff Ament, Duck Dunn and Patrick Dahlheimer. There is of course far, far more - but that was just the starting point.

2) Who does Scott think had the better vocal talent Elvis or Roy Orbison?

Scott - Roy was the better vocalist. Elvis was the better entertainer.


Darien -  Have you ever considered learning to play the bouzouki?

Scott - It's a pretty fascinating instrument. Never crossed my mind to take it up. Would be cool to pick up if things got to the point where all we were doing for a living was music, so there'd be time and resources to do it. Plus, it's just fun to say. "Bouzouki". Like a rocket launcher, but cooler. And more Greek.

Does the Flowbee give you nightmares?

Scott - Years of therapy and expensive pyschopharmacological treatment can't undo the damage that Flowbiephobia has done to me. Thanks a lot for bringing that up. Jerk.

Can I braid your hair into Viking pigtails?

Scott - Absolutely. Can I carry around a big Viking axe and raid coastal villages after you do?


David White - What are you hiding behind your hand?

Scott - A Mona Lisa smile. But without, you know, the charm or the class.


FaerydustPixy - Dear Scott, What would Maya say is your most annoying habit?

Scott - Tapping / playing drums on anything and everything, all the time, usually subconsciously. Yes, even in my sleep.

(Yes! Even to songs he doesn't like! The weird part though is that sometimes he'll keep time by rubbing his big toes against the "index" toes. He does it in his sleep too. That shit used to wake me up in the middle of the night. I'm used to it now.)

Do you sleepwalk?

Scott - I think I did once when I was like five years old. I'm way too light of a sleeper to sleepwalk these days. I do sometimes sleep-kitty-punt though, if the little fuzzy critters are camping out too close to my kickin' foot in bed.

Who is sexier: Freddy Mercury or David Bowie?

Scott - The Thin White Duke. Eight days out of the week. The man drips charisma all over the floor and leaves a trail of it behind him. Sure Freddy is awesome and had an amazing voice. But Bowie was Jareth. I mean, c'mon. Labyrinth fer Pete's sake!


ForeverFall - Dear Scott, What I want to know is this... What would you do if werewolves were real?

Scott - Teach them to hunt sparkly vampires.


MrsEvils - hmmm...Scott, what is your favorite thing about Nashville?

Scott - The fact I have a ton of great friends here. And fried pickles.


EJPcreations - Scott does the impending doom of the robot uprising trouble your dreams?

Scott - Not in the least. I, for one, welcome our new mechanical overlords with open arms and a can of oil.


Nitebyrd - Zorro? Don't you think a Dracula cape would be more classy?

Scott - Dude, no way! That high-neck cape just doesn't sit right on me. Besides, if I do something completely hurr-derr in a Zorro cape I don't feel so bad. I'd really hate to besmirch the name of Vlad Dracula though.

(Besides, the Dracula cape is mine.)


Erin - Scott, if Maya were to make a plush version of you, what would be the signature touch that would really make it scream, "This is a plushie of SCOTT BOWEN, and not nobody else, fool!"? 

Scott - Probably the long hair with the undercut. And the smarmy bastard smirk.

(Smarmy bastard. Yes.)

One more!

Scott, how do you like your ideal grilled cheese to be made? (i.e. bread type, cheese, etc. - I'm an enthusiast of the grilled cheeses and need to know for a fake research paper I'm writing on a slice of Velveeta.)

Scott - Grilled cheese must absolutely be cooked just a *bit* too long so it's blackened ever so slightly (okay, lightly burned!), and this is the important part coming up. Seriously important. If you forget this part, you can just go home now and not bother. I mean it. Don't forget it. SERVE WITH HOT TOMATO SOUP! Grilled cheese + a bowl of tomato soup is nothing short of pure and utter win.


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