Saturday, November 20, 2010

It's badger Scott time!

Okay so I saw Erin's post on her blog, OhHonestlyErin, entitled Harangue Henry (the replies are here) and back tracked through a few other blogs. Pretty funny stuff. Basically, people got to ask her man anything and he had to answer. No, really, you don't say "No" to Erin. So, I thought it would be fun to try it on my blog. See this guy?...

Scott1-LogoYeah, him, that's my hubby (Ooh, serious face).

This is one of his more usual looks (far right)...reddingshift-2010-054-Logo

It's either that look or an "innocent" who-me? look. Mhmm. Who needs the Comedy channel when I've got him? Sigh.

Anywho, ask him something. Anything. He'll answer. Just like Henry can't resist the gentle caress of Erin's pillow over his face neither can my Scott refuse the smoldering eyes of his beloved Stabberican gypsy (Me. With pointy objects).

Do you have a question for Scott? Want to know what it’s like living with me? What’s it like being a drummer/guitarist now bassist/singer? Why he replaces words in songs to make them about squirrels & himself? What's with all the dead hooker jokes? Does he run around naked in a Zorro cape when he thinks no one's looking? You can ask him band stuff, geek stuff, movie stuff, anything really. You'd be surprised (or frightened) by what he holds in that big head of his.

Go for it, he doesn't know I'm doing this! At least not until this post feeds over to Facebook >:) If I don't get enough questions there won't be a follow up post and, well, I'll be sad. And then Scott will be miserable because no one likes me moody. Not that I get moody. Much. Often. Oh hell, if you love me, you love me! If you don't, it's your loss. It not about me, it's about Scott, so ask already!



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