Saturday, January 15, 2011

MrsEvils' Me Equivoque Contigo Dress - Pt 2

So, after making all my adjustments to the pattern (MrsEvils' Me Equivoque Contigo Dress - Pt 1 can be found here) I decided to change the casing on the boning. For one, plastic boning typically comes in bulky white casing. "But, Static", you ask, "it's on the inside so who will know?" Me, that's who!

I decided to use single fold black bias tape instead since it will be sandwiched between the outer cotton fabric and satin lining. Stable enough without all the bulk. Excellent. There is a little trick to it though. Cut the black bias tape in the lengths directed in the pattern. On one end, only, of each piece mark 3/8" up from the end and stitch straight across. Put the casings aside for later. You won't put the boning in the casings until after the casings are sew in place as directed in the pattern.

Oh, and if the plastic boning is curling up on you iron it to flatten it out. Use a low heat (my iron was on 1), you don't want to melt it. Place it on your ironing surface so that the curve of the plastic boning is bulging up toward you. Place the iron at center, while holding one end up so your bending that pesky curve in the opposite direction, then pull.Yes, pull the boning upward from under the flat iron. Do this a couple times until it straightens enough and then repeat for the other end. Remember to lift your iron occasionally so you don't burn your ironing surface! Just another reason to have your iron on LOW.


Hopefully the above tips haven't bored you to tears. For being so wonderful here's a sneak peek of the dress! I've cut all the pieces and pinned them to my dressform to double check that they line up the way that I wanted.

MrsEvils-InProgress1 MrsEvils-InProgress2

The pieces are just overlapped without the seam allowance tucked in. The top edge will drop a bit and the hem will come up 1.25". Time to cut the gorgeous red lining then sewing! Hurray!

Pt 3, coming soon...


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