Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Etsy Dark Team & Bat World Sanctuary

Did you know that of the over 1100 species of bat only 3 are vampire bats? All other species of bat eat insects, fruit, nectar and pollen with a handful that eat fish and frogs. And, they all play a large part in our ecosystems. Insect-eating bats consume billions of tons of crunchy critters every summer which protects crops, and us since they are more than happy to help with trimming down the mosquito populations. Fruit bats help pollinate and seed an amazing 95% of rainforest regrowth which is thanks to their daily feeding habits. Also bat guano is a great organic fertilizer being very high in nitrogen. It was so highly prized by the Incans that there was the penalty of death for killing bats!

You can find more great info on the Myth & Facts of Bats here.


Due to ailments like White Nose Syndrome (which is affecting defenseless hibernating bats in the NE U.S. every winter) plus old myths, superstition and plain old fear, places like Bat World Sanctuary are needed now more than ever. This is where the Etsy Dark Team comes in. We try to make donations as often as possible to the Bat World Sanctuary and we even have a Bat World section in our team shop here! All items in this section are generously donated by members of the Etsy Dark Team and all proceeds go to the bats. So please stop by and help us help the bats help our environment!


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If I were a bat I would be...
a Vampire Bat! Find out more about this bat or take the quiz to see what kind of bat you are most like.

Go figure, I'm a vampire bat! ;) ~Static


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