Thursday, March 12, 2009

Zombies Love You For Your Brains 1

Freshly Dead Zombie Pin

The Freshly Dead may be confused, as you can see from this guys face, but don't fooled. They can get you just as good as a Not-So-Fresh one! As this guy apparently learned the hard way. Just because they're only a *little* green around the edges doesn't mean they're any less of a Zombie.

Remember, head shots are the way to go. Although you don't really have to worry about these little guys... too much.

I'm not responsible for any hypothetical zombie outbreaks!

♦ apx 4" tall
♦ cut in detail, layered, sewn & painted all by hand
♦ they are made one at a time, each one is unique

♦ Comes in it's very own Black Cotton Body Bag which can double as a tissue pouch when not occupied by the zombie, of course.


If you'd like a more hardcore Zombie stay on the alert for the Not-So-Fresh Zombie Pin (coming soon)!


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