Tuesday, March 31, 2009

March of the Dead Theme & Zombie Pin (and then some) GIVEAWAY!

The Etsy Dark Team holds a monthly theme Exhibition of art, fashion and more online. This month's theme is March of the Dead!

New items are added to the Exhibition throughout the month, every month so please check back often! Past months Exhibitions can be seen here.

And while you're at it sign up for our public team site to stay on top of new items, discounts, contests and, best of all, interact with the members of the Etsy Dark Team!


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Go check out this month's Exhibition , then leave me a comment here about  your favorite item and what you like about it.

That's it! Your comment here enters you into the giveaway. At the end of the month I'll randomly choose a name from my e-hat.

Please be sure to leave a way for me to contact you if you're not a Blogspot user (Myspace, email, Etsy shop, etc)!


The lucky winner will get their very own:

♦ OOAK hand stitched 4" tall Not-So-Fresh Zombie Pin from Static White's Stitchery (yours truly). It'll even arrive in it's own little body bag that doubles as a tissue holder when unoccupied.

♦ Debut CD from the up and coming Rock band The Redding Shift.

♦ And sample goodies from members of the Etsy Dark Team!


Update: Notice the new photo?? The purple boxes are an awesome mystery gift from GypsyEye!! I, of course, know what's in there and I promise it is lovely gift for a lucky lady. Don't fret guys! If a guy is chosen as the winner I have a secondary, just as mysterious gift for you, if you prefer.

Does this mean there is a second prize? *Gasp* Maybe. Maybe ;) You'll just have to enter and find out.


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Update #2: More of the goodies previously mentioned have arrived! Click the pic to go to my Flickr if you'd like a closer look and check the notes for details.


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Update #3: I just got the goodies from AgonysDecay... wow. Can I enter my own giveaway? So many great items! From everyone!


Extra special thanks to LushPUNK for the CD artwork and KitCameo, GypsyEye, SacredOak, HandmadeHorrors, TheTinyTragedies, BellaLili, AgonysDecay (more may be added, you never know!) for all their goodies

Enjoy and good luck!

xx ~Static, The Redding Shift & the EtsyDarkTeam


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